Wednesday, March 23, 2011

New Stamp-a-Stack coming!

Hi blog friends!! Sorry once again for the long time between posts, but it seems to be 'Fever Week' in the Amigh household. We just can't get rid of the pesky thing and it's taking its toll on the whole family. BUT - I have managed to get some cards tweaked and figured out for the Stamp-a-Stack so I can share them with you tonight. I'm doing a private SAS next week (pending final confirmation with the hostess) and then I have Stamp Club the next week, so I'm planning this SAS for Tuesday night, April 12, from 7-9 pm. These cards are simple enough that we should be able to get them done in 2 hours but still something that I would love to send to family and friends. If a weekend would work better, it's possible that I could do something the weekend of April 16, but until I hear otherwise I think I'm going with the 12th. Cost is $25 for 10 cards PLUS envelopes to send them . . . cheaper (and more impressive!) than Hallmark!! Send me an email or give me a call to sign up today!!

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